What's Next for College Graduates?

Marc Robertson, a recent graduate of Millsaps College, shares his thoughts on "What's Next for College Graduates?"

Paul Snow, Snow Financial Group

Graduating from college is one of the major milestones in one’s lifetime. Many students feel the challenging part is surviving the pressure college presents along with figuring out what to do after graduation. Graduating college is a major accomplishment and becomes another stepping stone to future endeavors. The struggle becomes figuring out who you are and who you want to be as you move into adulthood.


Not all students have to worry about paying back student loans, but for most, debt is something we must deal with for several years after college. Before graduation, students are typically contacted by a loan servicer to discuss the repayment process. While school debt is always looming, it is nice to have the chance to get prepared and plan how to pay down the loans instead of being thrown to the financial burdens right out of college.


When it comes to getting noticed by potential employers or internships, students use a variety of useful methods. Resumes are still the most popular way because students can outline their education, experience, and accomplishments. Other methods, such as on-campus job fairs, word-of-mouth, or online job sites are also useful in making the search process easier for students. Schools have been making the process simpler and less stressful by bringing the employers to schools. Word-of-mouth is very effective when you have connections to people that are already in their careers and could help push start your career or offer you an opportunity. In my experience, word-of-mouth networking has been the most. I have been fortunate to run into people that were willing to offer me a chance or help me gain experience.


Not all students go straight into their careers after graduation. Many, like myself, pursue further education or simply do not know what they want to do in life yet. So, many graduates find themselves moving into an apartment or moving BACK home with parents. If the option is available, moving back home has become a smart way to save up money, especially when you are pursuing further education. It is good to start building a financial foundation for your life so that when it is time to find a career or job, you have a little something to support yourself. But, a little warning; moving back in with your parents may come with some parental stresses you left behind when you initially left for college.


Everyone has their reason for attending college. For me and like many others, my parents made it a point to drive the importance of school in my life. I always knew college was in my future, but the only difference for me was that choosing a college was based on furthering my basketball career more than finding a school that fit my academic desires. Basketball has been my passion since I was little, so being able to continue in college was the ultimate blessing. With that, I still had the principles my parents instilled in me about how doing well in school will ultimately lead you to better opportunities in life. At first, I can admit that college was a means to get a degree to get a job, but while I was in my studies, I found my interest in marketing and that changed my perspective on my purpose for being in college. At that point, I wanted to learn more about something that became interesting to me. My interest in marketing is what led to me to now attending graduate school. School may be stressful at times, but now that I am in school to learn more about marketing, I have found my passion, drive, and purpose of furthering my education.

Any opinions are those of Paul Snow and not necessarily those of Raymond James.